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Synonyms for extrapolate

draw from specific cases for more general cases

gain knowledge of (an area not known or experienced) by extrapolating

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It worries that bureaucrats will extrapolate the numbers to make a mountain out of a racial-profiling molehill, responding with indirect quotas that will make cops reluctant to pull over anyone of the ``wrong'' race.
If one could extrapolate from the experience of offshore wind power, for which we have a bit more experience, the installation period is disruptive but nor damaging," says Rick Sellers, head of the Renewable Energy Unit of the International Energy Agency in Paris.
The heart of the forecasting problem is that most forecasters merely extrapolate forward from experience of the recent past, where, in the real world, life itself tends to run in cycles.
This explains why out galaxy's interstellar medium, created from the spilled contents of dead stars, has less deuterium in the Milky Way must estimate the rate of star birth in order to extrapolate back to the primordial amount.
com) Themis Group combines years of experience with a deep digital community knowledgebase and sophisticated proprietary analytical tools to extrapolate their cumulative greatest value.
You can't necessarily extrapolate from mice to humans," says Bukowski.
From a very short period of time, you can't extrapolate the rate of change of a very slow process," he says.
It's safer not to extrapolate too far," says study coauthor Catherine Schairer, an epidemiologist at NCI.
To extrapolate to Earth's inner core, Heinz and his colleagues recently studied alloys of iron and silicon at temperatures up to 2,100 [degrees] C and pressures exceeding 800,000 times atmospheric pressure at sea level.
However, because there's little data on actual crowd behavior for testing the new model, he says it's premature to extrapolate the simulation results to real-world situations.