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Synonyms for extrapolate

draw from specific cases for more general cases

gain knowledge of (an area not known or experienced) by extrapolating

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Thus, it is critical to improve animal models of thyroid disruption as well as advance our ability to extrapolate animal data to human risk.
We can extrapolate that AviFluCide could be between 40 times (4,000%) to 200 times (20,000%) superior to Tamiflu in H5N1 field events," said Dr.
To extrapolate from this mouse model to human scleroderma is hard," he says.
Tracey Woodruff, one of the authors of the original study on which the Environmental Working Group based its own statements, said the methodology ``looks reasonable,'' but said she and her research partners opted not to extrapolate statistics based on their findings.
We should not extrapolate too much from this, as in Russia, it's important to distinguish government policies towards projects that are viewed as strategic [such as Sakhalin] and those that are viewed as being significantly less important.
Cole and Arundel reasoned that if they could determine an ancient temperature within the canyon, they could extrapolate to the temperature at the rim and in the surrounding area.
Once the card can be forced to make even a small calculating error, the researchers said that a mathematical formula they derived could use this error to extrapolate the secret data that authenticates the card when it is inserted in a merchant's card reader.
Then, they extrapolate the data to a larger simulation comprising hundreds of thousands of atoms and then to millions of atoms or more.
stated, "In today's marketplace most blood banks operate at a loss every year having to extrapolate eight different tests per donor that arrives at their centers.