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Synonyms for extraordinarily

in a manner or to a degree that is unusual

Synonyms for extraordinarily



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Thedora suspects my late misfortunes to be connected with Anna Thedorovna; but I do not care--I feel extraordinarily cheerful today.
For the best of it was that Captain S- seemed constitutionally incapable of giving his officers a definite order to shorten sail; and so that extraordinarily vague row would go on till at last it dawned upon them both, in some particularly alarming gust, that it was time to do something.
As my eye wandered along this romantic stream, it would fall upon the half-immersed figure of a beautiful girl, standing in the transparent water, and catching in a little net a species of diminutive shell-fish, of which these people are extraordinarily fond.
The Frenchman, too, was excited, and after dinner the whole party talked long and seriously together--the Frenchman's tone being extraordinarily presumptuous and offhand to everybody.
Tristram had straightway introduced him and who chattered, without a pause, with the full force of an extraordinarily high-pitched voice.
The remote power of that voice, those old eyes full of tears, that noble and ruined face, had affected her extraordinarily she said.
Mary spoke with animation of their meeting with, or rather missing, Mr Elliot so extraordinarily.
When he opened them the room, the other contiguous rooms, extraordinarily, seemed lighter - so light, almost, that at first he took the change for day.
Or rather," she added, giving up the prospect again, "it would be, I think, quite extraordinarily flattering if he did.
It is true that in government, it is good to use men of one rank equally: for to countenance some extraordinarily, is to make them insolent, and the rest discontent; because they may claim a due.
They were extraordinarily nice, healthy young children.
I have been well chastised for it, and God is extraordinarily just.
Carey was a little, shrivelled woman of the same age as her husband, with a face extraordinarily filled with deep wrinkles, and pale blue eyes.
It was a summer's night, but it seemed to him, nevertheless, extraordinarily long.
Prince Andrew was struck by the extraordinarily disdainful composure with which Speranski answered the old man.
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