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a restricted computer network

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TNS' Secure Trading Extranet enables participants to submit indications-of-interest, route orders, execute trades, access advanced trading applications, exchanges, and electronic communication networks and perform other FIX and non FIX-based transactions.
The new release adds important functionality for users of the Click Institutional Review Board (IRB) extranet and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) solution.
With Business Objects business intelligence solutions, including Crystal Reports(R), the industry standard for enterprise reporting, Carlson Wagonlit Travel creates personal reports for individual clients and then makes the information available via an extranet to its corporate customers.
The Click Commerce Research Extranet provides institutions with an Internet submission system that improves the efficiency of compliance approval processes by simplifying application creation, eliminating routine errors, and alerting research teams of approaching deadlines.
TNS has extended an offer for a trial use of TradingMetrics to its Secure Trading Extranet customers.
As a result, we reap significant cost savings -- approximately $20,000 per supplier extranet per year -- and bring products to market months faster.
AKJ will ally itself with TNS' Secure Trading Extranet for the ExNet service.
For Hitachi's new Web site and extranet, Schematic developed a flexible and scalable content management and e-mail platform specifically tailored to Hitachi's needs using its c/Manager and c/Mail solutions.
The extranet capabilities of Business Objects allow Liberty, which serves approximately 5,500 credit unions and 200 community banks, to offer Strategic Advisor without requiring clients to maintain their own hardware or install any special software.
Symphony's IT Manager Ruth Rew said that the Extranet helped customers by delivering real-time information relevant to all areas of a particular order or service, freeing up time that would previously have been occupied with telephone inquiries.
Daymon Worldwide relies on their extranet site for centralized field intelligence.
Representing the next generation in extranet deployment and management -- extranet software, delivered as a service -- the CrownPeak solution is a fast, highly accessible alternative for companies seeking online collaboration among their employees, partners and/or customers.
Webridge announced today that its Compliance Extranet software has been selected to automate review and approvals of research involving animal subjects at the University of British Columbia.
While global enterprises have incredible opportunities when conducting e-business with their partners, they also face challenges on how to provide extranet services to a vast number of different constituencies.