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carried on outside the bounds of an institution or community


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This I gained through completing my BA Nursing at Massey University extramurally over 10 years, most of it as a single parent and working part-time.
Until this time, only heretics, criminals and suicides were regularly buried extramurally, and the change raised fears that distinctions between Lutherans and Catholics would be hopelessly blurred.
The nurse-interns also attend observational experiences both intramurally in the neuroscience outpatient clinics and extramurally at local acute trauma and rehabilitation healthcare facilities.
The other issue raised by Singer relates to emoluments provided to extramurally supported postdocs.
Subsequently the superior arranged for her to commence her doctoral studies, extramurally, at Fordham University.
The school currently conducts its extramurally funded research activities in approximately 53,000 square feet of off-campus space provided directly or rented by the SDSURF, a significant advantage in having a non-state resource for research space which allows more flexibility and perhaps more rapid responses to needs.
EPA 2003a) that identifies the elements of the Research Plan that specifically will be addressed over the next 5-10 years, intra-murally, across three national laboratories and one national center and, extramurally, through a competitive grants program.