extramarital sex

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sexual intercourse between individuals who are not married to one another

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8%) had a history of premarital sex and one person stated an extramarital sex.
The report said that couples charged with having extramarital sex could avert trial by getting married in a plan being considered by the Abu Dhabi Judiciary Department.
Husbands were asked whether they had engaged in premarital sex with someone other than their current wife, had had extramarital sex in the past year or had had any STI symptoms (specifically penile discharge or penile ulcers) in the past year.
BEIRUT: More than one in five Lebanese have premarital or extramarital sex, and two-thirds of those are between 15 and 24 years old.
Sydney, July 25 ( ANI ): The Norwegian woman who was raped in Dubai by a colleague while on a business trip has returned home and reportedly told media that she had acted 'stupidly' by withdrawing her initial rape report which exposed her to being convicted for consensual extramarital sex.
A Dubai court has sentenced Dalelv on July 17, 2013 to 16 months in prison for extramarital sex after she reported being raped, according to news reports from the United Arab Emirates.
The 24-year-old reported the attack to the police but found herself charged with having extramarital sex, drinking alcohol, and perjury.
The defendants had denied hugging and having extramarital sex or indulging in any sexual activity.
For example, "manic individuals" are much more likely to participate in extramarital sex than other people, which may shed light on and even excuse the seemingly ongoing torrent of political sex scandals.
5%) out of 24 extramarital sexually exposed migrants had extramarital sex for sexual pleasure, nine (39.
Simply put, Ashley Madison sells extramarital sex, and does so quite successfully with a current membership of 8.
Marketed specifically to black audiences and defined by unprecedented depictions of black heroes fighting a villainous white establishment, these films were, on the one hand, hailed for offering revolutionary representations of black power, and, on the other, condemned for perpetuating racial stereotypes and glamorizing violence, drugs, and extramarital sex.
She wanted to see the "greatest city in the world", a London packed with music halls and pubs, and her extramarital sex life began as soon as they arrived.
The epidemic remains a touchy subject in the Middle East region's conservative & Islamic societies, due to its correlation with unprotected premarital and extramarital sex, men having sex with men without condoms, or prostitution and intravenous drug use.