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characterized by adultery

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com have teamed up to present the Top 5 Extramarital Affair Scenes of all time.
htm) announced his resignation three days after the re-election of Barack Obama, acknowledging his extramarital affair.
The reasons why women become involved in extramarital affairs vary.
15 ( ANI ): General David Petraeus, who has stepped down as director of the CIA over an extramarital affair, has said he "screwed up big-time," a close friend has said.
Federal agents quickly traced the emails back to Petraeus' biographer, Paula Broadwell, and further investigation revealed evidence of an extramarital affair between them.
Having interviewed and audio-taped over 150 cheating wives, and having engaged in an emotional affair herself, author Diane Shader Smith reveals the secret and compelling reasons behind extramarital relations in UNDRESSING INFIDELITY: Why More Wives Are Unfaithful (Adams Media; Trade Paperback Original; March 9, 2005).
Imagine a pharmacist asking a customer whether his Viagra is to enhance sexual performance in his marriage or in an extramarital affair.
The delusion of having AIDS often revolves around guilt over a sexual indiscretion, such as an extramarital affair years earlier, report pyschiatrists Steven L.
That's because the show highlighted sex (hey, it was the '70s) with plenty of extramarital affairs and one of TV first gay characters, Jodie (Crystal).
In Clinton's view, say Kendall and Ruff, what he did with Lewinsky did not amount to "sexual relations," "an extramarital sexual affair," or "a sexual relationship.
I had an inordinate need to be loved," Morgentaler observes in explanation of his extramarital affairs.
Extramarital sex among Nigerian men: polygyny and other risk factors, Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, 2005, 39(4):478-488.
The Christian Coalition berated former President Bill Clinton for his extramarital affair with a White House intern, but recent revelations that late U.
But I'm not sure there is anything to be learned from this less-than- profound play about a man and a woman attempting to re-kindle their extramarital affair.
In the season finale, Bree's husband, Rex (Steven Culp), apparently died as the result of improper heart medication provided by the neighborly pharmacist who is jealously protective of Bree and resented her husband's extramarital affair even more than his wronged wife did.