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not regulated or sanctioned by law


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collateral assets that are legally, extralegally, or technologically
He was said to be able to avoid any restraints, assault any number of caregivers at once, to have been retained extralegally on the DD/Corrections unit despite never having been adjudicated due to employee union pressure on powers as high as the state capitol (this at least could be discredited, but not in the minds of caregivers).
The conspiracy was overthrown by Cicero, who, as consul, acted extralegally by having the conspirators summarily executed.
In this the paradox dissolves further, for we see that forensic rhetoric, far from being a manipulative ploy operating extralegally, is in fact a much needed device for enlarging the juridical context to include principles of equity.
At the same time, underground, or shadow, economic arrangements persist extralegally, inasmuch as they have proven viable and are more familiar to citizens than new market institutions.
Washington put the Security Council into the position of acting at least extralegally, even illegally.
The author demonstrates a need to adopt laws that reflect what people are doing extralegally rather than enforce laws that will never he accepted as a legitimate social contract by the masses.