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not regulated or sanctioned by law


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My thesis is that administrative power revives the extralegal character of the absolute prerogative--in other words, that both sorts of power have bound subjects through extralegal edicts--and this extralegal power remains a problem regardless of statutory authorization and limits.
Framework agreement for services on the implementation of various legal and extralegal checks by an external technical inspection service during a potential period of 4 years.
It resolves that question by arguing that when a judge makes a decision based on an extralegal factor, she should omit discussion of her reliance on that factor and justify her decision with legal reasoning.
Indeed, in 1641 Parliament abolished the Star Chamber and the High Commission, the bodies then engaging in extralegal lawmaking and adjudication--and, most profoundly, English constitutional law began to develop, making it clear that there could be no extralegal, supralegal, or consolidated power.
Five concurrent narratives involve bioengineering, burning high-rises, the surveillance state, extralegal rendition and torture, black helicopters, identity hacking, serial murder, drugs, and class war.
In the upcoming trial, the defendants are accused of allegedly conspiring with foreign militant movements to break into prisons during the 2011 uprising, where Morsi and other Muslim Brotherhood leaders had been held in extralegal detention.
Former law professor Barack Obama once said that ninety-five percent of the cases that come before the court will be disposed of by adherence to legal precedent and rules of statutory or constitutional construction, while disposition of five percent of the cases will be decided in the justice's heart; in other words, the critical ingredient is extralegal.
While there are other costs associated with the sale of medical marijuana besides production costs, prices in the extralegal market are clearly much higher because of its illegality.
Rights group slams government's extralegal practices in first 100 days
We are pleased to report that In Search of Fatherhood magazine is again featuring in their soon to be published Summer 2013 issue a reprint of part three of Steven Svoboda's article, "The Limits of the Law: Comparative Analysis of Legal and Extralegal Methods to Control Child Body Mutilation Practices.
Extralegal groups targeted these Mormons because they represented a threat to the local community.
It said Chinese government efforts to silence and intimidate political activists and public interest lawyers continued to increase, and that authorities use extralegal measures such as enforced disappearance to prevent the public voicing of independent opinions.
The official said that Chen told them about "allegations of abuse and extralegal activity" since he was freed from prison in 2010 and put under house arrest.
In a move that critics saw as extralegal but the government defended as merely technical, Israel legalized what had been three West Bank outposts.
Based on four cases of contemporary statebuilding, this article explores the persistence and pervasiveness of extralegal economies in the face of intrusive international intervention and reflects on the implications for state formation.