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not regulated or sanctioned by law


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Indeed, in 1641 Parliament abolished the Star Chamber and the High Commission, the bodies then engaging in extralegal lawmaking and adjudication--and, most profoundly, English constitutional law began to develop, making it clear that there could be no extralegal, supralegal, or consolidated power.
It said Chinese government efforts to silence and intimidate political activists and public interest lawyers continued to increase, and that authorities use extralegal measures such as enforced disappearance to prevent the public voicing of independent opinions.
His action against the generals was extralegal, and in a twilight period without a permanent constitution or parliament, he will have extraordinary sway, both legislative and executive, over how the new Egypt is constructed.
The official said that Chen told them about "allegations of abuse and extralegal activity" since he was freed from prison in 2010 and put under house arrest.
Based on four cases of contemporary statebuilding, this article explores the persistence and pervasiveness of extralegal economies in the face of intrusive international intervention and reflects on the implications for state formation.
Based on the 1898 race riot in Wilmington, North Carolina, the novel accurately registers the government's historic failure to intervene in extralegal racial violence.
Research in Motion caved instantly to the extralegal pressure, removing two apps, PhantomALERT and Trapster, from its official store.
This extralegal component of the right's development, however, does not undermine its legitimacy as the traditional legal community might expect.
In particular, moving from property to wealth requires a transition from informal, extralegal ownership to a formal, unified system of property rights that can be asserted, traded, and defended, and a transition from informal entrepreneurship to formal productive activity.
These civil suits would undoubtedly bring to light more about the character and extent of this administration's extralegal surveillance activities, and only retroactive immunity for the telecoms can protect the executive branch from that possibility.
In both legal and extralegal ways, resource-poor defendants do not receive equal treatment from our legal system.
Had he reviewed Spanish-language newspapers in California and other parts of the Southwest following the United States' 1846-48 war against Mexico, he would have found that Latino journalists had a racial understanding of extralegal violence long before African American journalists did so in the post-Reconstruction era, and he could have provided his readers with a richer understanding of the racial nature of lynchings.
Democratic support for censure which shows they oppose extralegal measures to combat terrorism--could widen the gap, Benedetto wrote.
This ad hoc, extralegal prison is a stain on the American reputation for justice, fairness and transparency," said Elisa Massimino, Washington director of Human Rights First, a group that has received permission to monitor the proceedings of military commissions.