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beyond the usual course of legal proceedings

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The FC and other forces, as claimed by Baloch nationalist groups, have helped him to make private jails and torture centers in Tootak where the missing persons are brought and tortured before being extrajudicially killed.
The center appealed to human rights groups, especially the ones concerned with the rights of children, to necessarily move to have all Palestinian children released, affirming that they were detained extrajudicially and without evidence.
But a good deal is left to be done in this area, and the interest in originalism among members of the political branches ought to inspire scholars to apply originalism extrajudicially.
Three days of gunfire claimed over 70 lives, and residents thereafter complained that the security forces acted extrajudicially.
According to a 2010 Amnesty International report "during the 1980s dozens of Libyan dissidents living abroad were extrajudicially executed, reportedly by agents acting on behalf of the Libyan state.
These changes require the law to decide whether we have legal rights to be free from those harms, and whether we may react against those harms extrajudicially through some form of self-help (e.
Many of these numbers may actually be higher because the figures do not include the number of individuals put to death extrajudicially.
Tong, who is currently moved out of a private house where he had been extrajudicially arrested, by state security apparatus, was yesterday moved to unknown place unconfirmed reports say a military prison at Wunyiik, North of Aweil town.
arguments against the propriety of our extrajudicially deciding the[se]
Simply calling them "terrorists" is justification enough - to kill them extrajudicially, with no recourse to due process or respect for international law that bans the practice for any reason.
He had been transferred there extrajudicially after being captured in Pakistan and held for 18 months before being sent to Guantanamo.
These measures have been used to detain journalists and political opposition, stigmatize human rights advocates as "LTTE sympathizers," and extrajudicially abduct suspected members of the LTTE's civilian-support network.
the tendency to commit everything to boards and commissions which proceed extrajudicially and are expected to be law unto themselves, the breakdown of our polity of individual initiative in the enforcement of law and substitution of administrative inspection and supervision, and the failure of the popular feeling for justice at all events which the common law postulates appear to threaten a complete change in our attitude toward legal problems.
Transmitting an opinion to Congress--an opinion that legislative staffers could find through normal legal research if they had more time--is different from elaborating on the opinion extrajudicially.
Subjects are seized extrajudicially, in what amounts to kidnapping in many of the cases: in the case of Maher Arar, he was taken from a U.