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symptom consisting of a localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue

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Treatment fell into two general categories: (1) for lesions located adjacent to the dura or the tegmental area, such as those occurring in cases of extradural abscess and sigmoid sinus thrombosis, a mastoidectomy was performed by an otologist; (2) when lesions were identified in less easily accessible areas, a craniotomy was performed by a neurosurgeon.
In cases of extradural abscess, an otologist performed a mastoidectomy, and aspiration was achieved by insertion of a thick needle through the mastoid tegmen to obtain material for culture.
CT of the brain revealed an extradural abscess (figure 2A).
Shanley and Murphy reported that temporal bone CT is an essential tool in diagnosing serious complications of acute mastoiditis--especially Bezold' s abscess, meningitis, brain abscess, thrombophlebitis, extradural abscess, and osteitis--and in determining their anatomic relationship to surrounding structures.