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the exterior curve of an arch

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The pressure threshold of abdominal elevation and extrados of rats was recorded through pumping air into anus.
Induction bending as a technique is relatively quick and cheap, but induction bending can produce unwanted changes in geometry such as wall thinning at the extrados, wall thickening and wrinkling at the intrados, and steep transitions in wall thickness between tangent and bend.
f]/l 0,0175 0,03 0,0375 extrados 0,1275 0,1648 0,1785 intrados -0,0925 -0,1048 -0,1035 x = 0,4x1 0,5x1 0,6x1 [Y.
Thus, any obstruction to airflow on the extrados would strongly interfere with lift.
Extrados field tile from Elevations collection on firepit from Oceanside Glasstile (glasstile.
The extrados of the vault of the burial chamber was visible in the upper room.
The stress-strain history is different for the intrados and extrados positions of the pipe reel.