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capable of being extracted


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Because liquid pyrolysis bio-oil is a multicomponent mixture of different size molecules derived from depolymerization and fragmentation of cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin, over 99 percent of pyrolysis bio-oil is composed of water, acids, alcohols, aldehydes, esters, ketones, sugars, phenols, guaiacols, syringols, furans, lignin-derived phenols, and extractible terpene with multifunctional groups.
Zeller+Gmelin USA will showcase its NUVAFLEX 34 Series, a high intensity universal low extractible ink system encompassing high end performance features on applications from paper to shrink film.
Recently, Leblanc (19) studied the nonlinear viscoelastic property of the various commercially available TPVs with varying hardness by a Fourier transform rheometer (FT-rheo) to get insight into the morphology developed and the subtle role played by the extractible content such as oil and plasticizers.
Position Feedback received from Chinese Refineries Feedback now received from potential Chinese customers is that they have accepted the relative high extractible alumina content and low reactive silica bauxite and the refinery operating cost savings attributable to the bauxite.
It is also possible to add the "hot swap, redundant extractible power supply" option.