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Synonyms for extractible

capable of being extracted


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Expectations are comparatively greater due to the availability of extractible natural resources.
Extrusion offers synthetic materials with low extractible content.
The levels of extractible iron in the 2-mm fraction were determined by atomic absorption spectrophotometry after extraction with a solution of sodium dithionite-citrate-bicarbonate (Fed), according to the method described by Schulze (1984), and with a solution of acid ammonium oxalate 0.
5-inch 256 gigabyte (GB) SSD, one SATA disk holder with tray for an extractible second 2.
extractible resources of ACG during the contract period are estimated at 5.
The wax, alcohol extractible, fibre ash content and light metal contents for all four cottons from four different locations decreased, and residual sugars increased, with increase in micronaire value.
Shale gas, now extractible through HF, contributes 1/3 of America's gas supplies (Economist, 2012).