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a small cellular inclusion consisting of a ring of DNA that is not in a chromosome but is capable of autonomous replication

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Additionally, the groups of isolates as a whole from each sample displayed remarkable similarities in the sizes of extrachromosomal elements, adhesion to crude oil, and hydrocarbon substrate utilization.
All of the strains tested, except Pseudomonas aeruginosa CRFY1, contained the smaller of the two size classes of extrachromosomal elements present.
He's most well-known for his work on extrachromosomal elements called plasmids and their role in antibiotic resistance and pathogenicity in humans and animals, but he's continued throughout his career to explore the microbe's-eye view that can only be afforded by getting down to their level.
When Falkow pursued this study as a graduate student in the early 1960s, first at the University of Michigan and next at Brown University, and then as an independent researcher at Georgetown University, he learned the biochemical and microbiological techniques necessary to deduce how bacteria transmit antibiotic resistance to one another by sharing circular extrachromosomal elements called plasmids.
burgdorferi, whose genome is composed of an [approximately equal to] 1 Mbp (million base pairs) linear chromosome and 21 linear and circular extrachromosomal elements.
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