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located or occurring outside a cell or cells

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Cysteine is unstable extracellularly and can oxidize to cystine; both cysteine and cystine can be imported back into the cell for GSH production.
The former is characterized by the distribution of hyphae throughout the cortex, extracellularly, spreading along the apoplast, and the formation of arbuscules.
The widely used extracellularly distributed, gadolinium-based intravenous contrast agents cross the placenta in primate studies and gadolinium-chelate molecules remain for an indeterminate time within the amniotic fluid.
Mannanases are extracellularly produced by various microorganisms including Aspergillus sp.
Thus, we suggest that extracellularly administered alpha-lipoic acid reduces AGE-albumin-induced endothelial expression of VCAM-1 and monocyte binding to endothelium in vitro.
Upon activation, neutrophils produce bactericidal compounds, such as reactive oxygen species and proteolytic enzymes, which can eliminate pathogens intracellularly following phagocytosis, or extracellularly following secretion.
cholerae and is transported extracellularly by the so-called type II secretion system.
Transduced cells (those that have had genes transferred into them) can secrete the target protein extracellularly and deliver it to the spinal environment in physiologically appropriate doses for a sustained period of time, maximizing the osteoinductive potential of these growth factors.
The heavy metal accumulated extracellularly in the yeast (Strandberg et al.
These globules may be seen extracellularly or located within the cytoplasm of perivascular cells, spindle-shaped cells and occasionally in endothelial cells lining vessels or slit-like spaces [32].
Finally, bacteria of the genus Bacillus has been credited with antibiotic production of a polypeptide protein complex produced extracellularly which constitutes the antagonistic nature of the specie.
The fact that it works mostly extracellularly provides more opportunities to develop different kinds of therapies," said Dr.
This site resides on the extracellularly exposed part of the protein at a site distinct from the agonist binding region.
Analysis of both palatal mucosa and skin specimens on periodic acid--Schiff (PAS) staining revealed hyaline deposits of PAS-positive material extracellularly in the dermis, subcutaneous tissue, and vessel walls.
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