extracellular fluid

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liquid containing proteins and electrolytes including the liquid in blood plasma and interstitial fluid

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Glu, GABA, dopamine (DA) and 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) were all detected within STN extracellular fluid (Bevan et al.
Effects of supplemental rbST and MF cooling on total body water (TBW), extracellular fluid (ECF), plasma volume (PV), blood volume (BV) and hematocrit are shown in Table 4.
The SIADH paradigm also accounts for occurrences of EAH at moderate levels of fluid intake, as water retention before the onset of an escape from antidiuresis leads to weight increase with an expanded extracellular fluid volume.
Using limb circumference and voltage electrode separation measurements in an accepted geometric model, we converted the data to extracellular fluid volume [26].
However, there are other neurohormones that also affect cardiac output, either by direct action on the heart or by altering vascular resistance or extracellular fluid volume.
15) Conversely, birds are able to increase their GFR in response to extracellular fluid expansion induced by fluid therapy.
For this reason, chloride is involved significantly in the maintenance of water distribution, osmotic pressure, and anion-cation balance in the extracellular fluid compartment.
She had no fever and no signs of contracted extracellular fluid volume.
TOT] in extracellular fluid consists of albumin and phosphate, whereas within erythrocytes it is primarily haemoglobin.
2]-Isoprostanes are exclusive products of free radical-mediated damage to arachidonic acid that are formed esterified to lipid and then are hydrolyzed and released into extracellular fluid.
It is the extracellular fluid level of calcium, however, that is hormonally regulated by the parathyroid gland and maintained within a relatively narrow physiologic range of 2.
The researchers found that certain lymphoctyes cloned from three of the volunteers killed cells in vitro that had incorporated free-floating gp 160 placed in extracellular fluid.
Locilex(TM) (positively charged) forms an alpha helix and disrupts the lipid bilayer of the bacterial cell wall (negatively charged) thereby creating an opening into which intracellular fluid, extracellular fluid and water enter, effectively lysing the bacterial cell.
The ability of the kidneys to filter, reabsorb and secrete water, waste molecules and electrolytes determines the composition of both the body's extracellular fluid and the urinary filtrate.
A multifrequency bioimpedance analyzer (XiTRON Hydra 4200, ImpediMed; San Diego, California) that we modified for the purpose of testing people with transtibial amputation was used for assessing residual-limb extracellular fluid volume change.
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