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a criminal who extorts money from someone by threatening to expose embarrassing information about them

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With Moore back on board, Extortionist is again taken to rattle the sprinting establishment.
The task force would be manned by selective security officials who would be equipped with modern weaponry and other gadgetry that will help track mobile phone calls and other leads to the extortionists.
Bawana was inspired by dreaded extortionist Fazlu Rehman with whom he spent some time in Tihar around five years ago.
The extortionist claimed to be able to infect the team's highly-paid stars with the virus which leads to Aids.
They said JAL is suspected of making the payments for about five years until earlier this month, to buy flowers from an unnamed Tokyo-based leasing company run by corporate extortionists, known as ''sokaiya'' in Japan.
A day back unknown extortionists hurled a hand grenade in house of a Custom Inspector Muhammad Rafeeq at Ghari Qamardin on Friday morning as he refuse to pay extortion to extortionist.
During initial interrogation the woman confessed that she has taken extortion money from 3 different individuals in the past and is an accomplice of notorious extortionist namely Imran alias Kawwa.
This record makes in-form sprinter Extortionist (forecast SP of 9-2) an attractive betting proposition today.
It said: "The Congress party, led by Sonia Gandhi, has proved especially cautious and nervous in the face of recent extortionist tactics by Karat.
New Zealand's prime minister yesterday branded an extortionist's claim to have infected a New Zealand island with foot-and-mouth disease as "bioterrorism" after police revealed that the extortionist threatened to release the virus on the mainland.
A video tape from an extortionist mailed to team GM Neville ``Wolf'' Wulfmeyer links the killings to Kane, which sends the team's hierarchy into immediate damage control.
It came after officials at the Costa Dorada resort received letters from an extortionist who threatened a series of bombings if a pounds 500,000 ransom was not paid.
Neal awards, one for best single article ("How a Bookmaker and a Whiz Kid Took on an Extortionist - And Won," May 2005) and the other for best single issue (May 2005).
According to Muhammad Rafiq, I received threatening calls from unidentified extortionist through unregistered sims who demanded extortion, however, I refused the fulfil their demands and faced the consequences.
Police also recovered three proclaimed offenders, wanted to police in kidnapping case at Sialkot; while extortionist, dacoits and accused involved in snatching vehicles after hiring them, were also nabbed.