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Synonyms for extortioner

a criminal who extorts money from someone by threatening to expose embarrassing information about them

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No-one, except his closest relatives, should care how this evil old extortioner dies.
23:20, 24:10-13), Exodus 22:24-26 forbids charging interest on loans to the poor, instructing the Israelites that "if you lend money to one of your poor neighbors among my people, you shall not act like an extortioner toward him by demanding interest from him.
Nevertheless, as the court reported, Salomone and the other Jews implicated felt "so menaced by these crimes" and by the supplication to the pope concerning them, and were so "inspired by fear," that they had agreed to pay the extortioner.
Mr Abse added: "I urged him to let me deal with his extortioner but to no avail.
THE terrified mum of an Altcourse prisoner says she was targeted by extortioners who forced her to pay more than PS1,700 to secure her son's protection.
It added that Lemanski had made slanderous accusations against Hoser, who headed the Pallottine order in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide, and depicted the Polish church as "a center for rapists, pedophiles, hypocrites, extortioners and drunkards.
The lawmaker recommended that the Government is reduced, strict oversight is maintained over implementation of the programs, and "all beasts and extortioners are shot mercilessly.