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to an exorbitant degree

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And Scharpff knows he's in trouble if he ever does get kidnapped, with many kidnappers setting extortionately high ransom sums and simply handing hostages over to Al Qaeda if they fail to pay.
But the stench of raw sewage against Dubai's glitzy skyline and extortionately priced neighbourhoods is hard to take.
The reasons that led the shopkeepers and crowds elsewhere are many: extortionately high rents which gradually came down but far too late, lack of parking, ongoing renovation works at Eleftheria square which cut off the old town from the avenue, and the lure of the mall are but a few.
More than three-quarters of the cost of petrol and diesel goes to the Government in taxes, which is why prices are so extortionately high.
The biggest surprise was that ITV managed to NOT run an extortionately expensive phone-in (that's saved for Daybreak viewers).
Dr Martin has called on councils to contractually oblige bailiffs not to extortionately and multiple charge people for letters and visits - often way above legal limits.
However, shortly after agreeing to set up the plan, I lost my job and as the interest on her payday loan debts was at such an extortionately high rate I decided, after discussing my options with the CAB, to proceed with a Debt Relief Order.
The market for business-friendly women's bags was saturated with cheap synthetic grays, browns or blacks or extortionately priced totes.
There is no generic high street branding, no conforming to market demands and no extortionately priced contemporary one-minute wonders.
If extortionately treated by one European monarch, experts in the development and production of weapons could move themselves to the domain of a more accommodating one.
Earthquake alert: Japanese iPhone users would pay extortionately for a reliable, multi-lingual and diversely informative early warning system.
In the current economic climate we surely cannot afford yet another extortionately expensive exercise.
I might even treat myself to an extortionately expensive sandwich from Philpott's.
Minor procedures shouldn't have to be paid for in advance and shouldn't be extortionately charged as was so obvious in my case.
One questions the wisdom of releasing such extortionately priced books just as the recession gets into full swing.