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to an exorbitant degree

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Ticket prices are already extortionately expensive, and if organisers introduce a fee to watch the games on television then many people will be outpriced.
That process could take another year, so the possibility remains to stop the advance of this totally outdated, dirty, dangerous, and extortionately expensive technology.
If David was joyous, Peter Hamilton, Paisley, was down entirely with Ian Jones of East Belfast who said in Saturday's Hotline not to boycott the team but merchandise, and especially the extortionately priced catering, is different.
Citizens have long since complained about skyrocketing prices and have asked the Labor Ministry to regulate the market and punish agents found increasing prices extortionately.
Solihull Hospital is setting the cost extortionately high.
in the market and the cost to the consumer is extortionately high," said Louis
The accommodation that is falling to bits yet extortionately priced.
And Scharpff knows he's in trouble if he ever does get kidnapped, with many kidnappers setting extortionately high ransom sums and simply handing hostages over to Al Qaeda if they fail to pay.
But the stench of raw sewage against Dubai's glitzy skyline and extortionately priced neighbourhoods is hard to take.
The reasons that led the shopkeepers and crowds elsewhere are many: extortionately high rents which gradually came down but far too late, lack of parking, ongoing renovation works at Eleftheria square which cut off the old town from the avenue, and the lure of the mall are but a few.
The biggest surprise was that ITV managed to NOT run an extortionately expensive phone-in (that's saved for Daybreak viewers).
Dr Martin has called on councils to contractually oblige bailiffs not to extortionately and multiple charge people for letters and visits - often way above legal limits.
The truth is that very many of the island''s people and indeed further afield on the mainland understand that nuclear power is dangerous, a threat to the environment and human health, and an extortionately expensive investment for any private company willing to plough money into a bottomless black hole.
The market for business-friendly women's bags was saturated with cheap synthetic grays, browns or blacks or extortionately priced totes.
If extortionately treated by one European monarch, experts in the development and production of weapons could move themselves to the domain of a more accommodating one.