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Synonyms for extortion

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an exorbitant charge

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unjust exaction (as by the misuse of authority)

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the felonious act of extorting money (as by threats of violence)

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Judge Noonan also argued that extortion and bribery were mutually exclusive crimes, chiefly because extortion always required coercion.
The two most common places in family law these extortion techniques are used is in the discovery process and the formation of a marital settlement agreement.
Hereford-based NYA, founded by Neil Young in 1990, offers governments, corporations and individuals kidnap and extortion prevention, response and training services.
Husband-and-wife owners William Sean and Ronit Rene Woodard, both 39, of Stevenson Ranch and West Hollywood, were each charged with 36 counts of auto tampering and 36 counts of attempted extortion.
However, some companies refuse to pay extortion demands and do go public.
Such stories fed, what Pegler declared was a growing public reaction "against extortion, mob violence, racketeering.
The United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Chicago had upheld the lower court's broad interpretation of extortion to allow use of RICO against the activists.
Supreme Court's 8-1 ruling that authorities cannot use federal racketeering and extortion laws to prosecute clinic protesters.
Green's predecessor in turn spent three years in the hoosegow after pleading guilty to extortion charges for selling insurance licenses.
Joseph Gerson might make a similar response if asked how long it took him to write With Hiroshima Eyes: Atomic War, Nuclear Extortion, and Moral Imagination.
KARACHI -- Sindh Police Monday claimed to have arrested three suspects, who were working for an extortion network being operated from South Africa.
According to major Sabtain the spokesperson of paramilitary Rangers - a total of 11 men were arrested during the raid, of which eight are wanted for murder cases and the rest are accused of serious crimes, including extortion and street crimes.
He was briefing the KP IGP, regarding performance of CTD, he said in the year 2015, 67 cases of extortion were reported as compared to 106 cases of extortion reported in corresponding period of 2014 showing a decline of 37 percent, said an police statement here.
BETRAYAL OF INNOCENCE: Arlene/Darlene allegedly involved in the extortion racket in the Philippines.