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Synonyms for extort

Synonyms for extort

to obtain by coercion or intimidation

Synonyms for extort

obtain by coercion or intimidation

get or cause to become in a difficult or laborious manner


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New Delhi [India], Mar 2 ( ANI ): The Delhi Police have nabbed a man, who impersonated a policeman and extorted money from shopkeepers and those consuming alcohol in open areas of Northeast Delhi.
687-GB had extorted money of Rs 450,000 from a villager Rafaqat for sending him to Saudi Arabia but later the accused neither returned the money nor sent him abroad.
This money was extorted in the name of Market Association.
He said the suspects had extorted millions of rupees from the general public and a case had been instituted against them under sections 109, 406 and 419 of PPC and section 3/4 Anti Money Laundering.
of DSOU said that based on their investigations, this was not the first time Magat extorted bribes, Radyo Inquirer added.
These gangs are active since last two to three years and Delhi Police recently arrested three persons including official of Delhi home guards who allegedly extorted money from almost 100 people in the last two years including a pilot.
Brank, who also extorted an Audi sports car out of Burns, will have to repay the chairman of the Internet phone service company the $500,000 he took from him.
Daughter allegedly seduced wealthy manager first in hotel room and later extorted him of large amounts of money.
A resident of the district applied to the police on January 26, claiming that a senior school student extorted about $80 from her grandson.
The persons from whom money was sought to be extorted included prominent businessmen, heads of schools, banks officials and other important persons.
I have never extorted anyone in my life, nor would I ever.
New Delhi, April 28 -- Delhi Police on Tuesday arrested a man, who used his visiting cards having national emblem inscribed on it and allegedly extorted money from several people by assuring them help in police cases.
Once again, it is the poor, hard-pressed, decent people who are being extorted and abused.
Investigators said that Ivan Maksakov from Balakovo, Alexander Petrov from Astrakhan, and Denis Stepanov from St Petersburg extorted more than $4 million (pounds 2.
It was not clear yesterday whether any money has been extorted from film producers.