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Synonyms for extort

Synonyms for extort

to obtain by coercion or intimidation

Synonyms for extort

obtain by coercion or intimidation

get or cause to become in a difficult or laborious manner


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Mumbai: In a major crackdown on an international racket, the Thane Police raided more than seven bogus call centres in Mira Road that were used as a front to cheat and extort money from foreign nationals, mostly from the US.
The accused told cops that they used to extort money from the victims depending upon their financial status.
Ronald, 53, of High Meadow; Robert Graham, 57, of Gaw Hill Lane, Aughton; John Doyle, 61, of Summerswood Lane, Ormskirk; and two Scottish solicitors deny conspiring to extort pounds 4.
Pleasant Bridgewater, a former member of the Bahamian Senate, and ambulance driver Tarino Lightbourne had denied charges of attempting to extort $25 million from Travolta following the death of his son, Jett, in January.
Senator Pleasant Bridgewater, a lawyer from Grand Bahama, has been charged with conspiracy to extort.
A COUPLE accused of trying to extort money from Madeleine McCann's family have appeared in court in Spain.
We applaud the stiff sentences and hope it sends out a strong message to deter people who believe they can hide behind a computer screen and try to extort money.
Clifford (Chris Makepeace) is the new kid in school: smart, funny, and slight enough to make the perfect target for bullies like Moody (Matt Dillon), who slouch in the back row of class and extort lunch money from smaller prey.
The 42-count indictment alleges that Robles used his influence as a city official to extort money and other benefits for himself and his family, friends and political action committee Citizens for Good Government.
One case, a hacker's attempt to extort money from the National Science Foundation, is dubiously described as a "cyber-terrorist threat.
A mafia crime family infiltrated filming of Catherine Zeta-Jones's latest film to attempt to extort money, police said yesterday.
Three men were arrested by federal agents in August for allegedly luring a local man into having sex, photographing it, and then trying to extort $75,000 flom the victim to keep the picture from his family and colleagues.
The Nevada governor and supreme court conspired to amend the state constitution illegally, defy the will of the electorate, and extort a tax increase from the legislature.
Philippine police have also arrested a 26-year-old Filipino man for allegedly trying to extort 2 million pesos (about $40,100) from a Japanese company executive, the police report said.
The five suspects face a maximum life sentence for conspiring to take hostages, and 20 years for each charge of extortion, conspiracy to commit extortion, and foreign communications with the intent to extort.