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Synonyms for extoller

someone who communicates high praise

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In this, Levaillant seems to have read Rousseau rather like Kant and Fairchild did (see Eze 1995; Fairchild 1928), which is to say as much as a critic as an extoller of the Noble Savage.
This idea harks back to Rousseau, extoller of the reverie, the leisurely wandering that releases the mind from the labor of thought and the material bounds of the body so as to achieve flights of fancy (Wallace 60).
te repentir, d'avoir detracte de celles, pour lesquelles extoller tous vertueulx se travaillent (K ii).
In the continuing rumpus over the Coens, while their extollers find them eccentric geniuses, their detractors characterize them as little more than cinematic grifters.
Thus, he penned vitriolic humour to extol its extollers and to denigrate its 'ingrates.