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Synonyms for extoller

someone who communicates high praise

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But no extoller has said it better than her friend and senior partner at Dechert, LLP, Robert M.
This idea harks back to Rousseau, extoller of the reverie, the leisurely wandering that releases the mind from the labor of thought and the material bounds of the body so as to achieve flights of fancy (Wallace 60).
te repentir, d'avoir detracte de celles, pour lesquelles extoller tous vertueulx se travaillent (K ii).
An extoller of the simple, rooted life, he nevertheless accumulated a sizable fortune and lived very well indeed, shuttling at one point between a house in suburban Connecticut, a house on Martha's Vineyard, and a villa in Mexico where he and his wife Virginia liked to spend their winters.
However, should not the highprofile vociferous extollers of the European Union who have any family assets in Europe be required to declare an interest?