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Earlier extirpation of pulps is undertaken in teeth with mature apices.
2010) to create a conceptual model to describe the factors that resulted in extirpation, supported re-colonization, the habitat interactions affecting their current population dynamics, and management implication for protecting the sub-population from another extirpation event.
Mean operating time, including tumor extirpation, was <4 hours.
Drainage of wet areas for agricultural purposes and illegal trapping may be potential causes for extirpation of many local populations.
If pulpal necrosis is present then commence the following: * When root development is complete and the apex closed commence extirpation and for the first 2 weeks RC dressing material should be Ledermix paste[R] and then non-setting calcium hydroxide (NCH) dressing with bonded restoration in access cavity and then follow with endodontic therapy.
In Collinson's very suggestive essay, there is more than a hint that the real problem with Foxe is that he effectively hid how little the Marian regime, even in a region that has been assumed to have embraced Protestant opinions and assumptions long before some other parts of the realm, had to demand public cooperation for its program of extirpation of politicoreligious disobedience.
For centuries, the result of this conflict has been the displacement of wildlife and gradual extirpation of species populations.
However, O'Bara (1985, 1990) reported the possible extirpation of this population due to mining activities.
The significance of Latin in the popular religious experience can be inferred from the demands of the Devon rebels in 1549: three of their fifteen articles -- the third (which demands the restoration of Latin services), eighth (which refuses the new English services), and tenth (which demands the withdrawal of scripture in English on the grounds that "we be informed that otherwise the clergy shall not of long time confound the heretics" -- in other words, that the clergy would no longer monopolize scriptural interpretation [Cranmer, 16387]) -- focus on the restoration of Latin scripture and service, and the extirpation of the English, which they compare to a trivial "Christmas game" (ibid.
At the initiation of this study, two changes in the assemblage were expected: (1) the extirpation of the obligate riverine species Notropis buccula and Hybognathus placitus, which were believed to be unable to maintain permanent populations upstream from the impoundment in the absence of periodic immigration from downstream sites; and (2) a decline in relative abundance and species richness of minnows (family Cyprinidae), compared with pre-impoundment collections, as a result of the loss of N.
Of these four endangered critters, only marten are in no immediate danger of extirpation in the lower 48 states.
The imposition of alien languages, the violent extirpation of local religious traditions, the separation of masses of people from their traditional lands, the dissolution of corporate kin groups, the creation of new economic opportunities in the midst of general immiseration: these events belong as much to European history during the centuries discussed here, as they do to the Andes.
These two factors indicate that the species may be at risk of extirpation in Texas.
Despite the lines of evidence promoting the safety of WITs beyond 30 minutes, logic dictates that renal artery clamp times should be minimized and balanced with safe tumour extirpation.
In fact, with the extirpation of some species from the U.