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Synonyms for extinguishing

the act of extinguishing

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Wilcox, extinguishing his cigarette, and sitting down between them.
Sawest thou not how often they became dumb when thou approachedst them, and how their energy left them like the smoke of an extinguishing fire?
The white man came out of the hut in time to see the enormous conflagration of sunset put out by the swift and stealthy shadows that, rising like a black and impalpable vapour above the tree-tops, spread over the heaven, extinguishing the crimson glow of floating clouds and the red brilliance of departing daylight.
Mr Verloc cared nothing for Stevie's excitement, but he felt horribly wakeful, and dreaded facing the darkness and silence that would follow the extinguishing of the lamp.
I noticed then the broad shadow on the horizon, extinguishing the low stars completely, while those overhead, when I looked up, seemed to shine down on us through a veil of smoke.
It was not long before a look of ferocity and of revenge was to be seen seated on the grim visages of most of the warriors, and each new and crafty allusion to the policy of extinguishing their enemies, was followed by fresh and less restrained bursts of approbation.
Even in these places, the inhabitants had often good reason for extinguishing their lamp as soon as it was lighted; and the watch being utterly inefficient and powerless to prevent them, they did so at their pleasure.
While extinguishing the candles, Lightwood, quite as a matter of course took up the glass from which that honest gentleman had drunk, and coolly tossed it under the grate, where it fell shivering into fragments.
The first module, QRadar-ICX, resolves problems by isolating, containing and extinguishing any type of network mis-use, internal or external, intentional or accidental.
Contract notice: Early fire detection and extinguishing system.
QRadar-ICX resolves problems by isolating, containing and extinguishing any type of network threat.
Contract notice: Dosatawa to the central school of the state fire service in czestochowa 1 rescue car pc extinguishing medium, and 1 piece of heavy vehicle rescue and fire extinguishing.
Once the remote seal construction was completed and the mine atmosphere behind the seals was rendered inert (without oxygen), mine rescue personnel from MSHA, KDMM, and Alliance's White County Coal, LLC, Gibson County Coal, LLC, and Warrior Coal, LLC subsidiaries entered the mine, restored ventilation and constructed thirty-two permanent seals effectively extinguishing the mine fire and totally isolating the affected area of the mine behind these seals.
Contract notice: Gas extinguishing system, augustiner museum.
2 million in debt due in February 2004 with the goal of extinguishing this debt with stock or otherwise amending the terms of the debt, we felt it prudent to ensure that the cash was available for this payment if needed.