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a manually operated device for extinguishing small fires

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The Spirit dropped beneath it, so that the extinguisher covered its whole form; but though Scrooge pressed it down with all his force, he could not hide the light, which streamed from under it, in an unbroken flood upon the ground.
but whether he received the threatened kiss or not I was unable to see, as Bruno, who had by this time released himself from his extinguisher, rushed headlong out of the room, followed by Sylvie; and I was so fearful of being left alone among all these crazy creatures that I hurried after them.
Candles and lamps were being put out everywhere: she could inwardly behold the extinguisher and the extended hand.
The gentle Judy, having backed her grandfather a little way from the fire, and having shaken him up as usual, and having released his overshadowed eye from its black-velvet extinguisher, Mr.
He had one of those awkwardly shaped heads where intelligence is about as much at its ease as a light beneath an extinguisher.
The food served as an extinguisher upon any faint flame of the human spirit that might survive the midday heat, but Susan sat in her room afterwards, turning over and over the delightful fact that Mr.
This elevating thought lifted her above her annoyance at being twitted with her ignorance of political economy, that never-explained science which was thrust as an extinguisher over all her lights.
As she took up the extinguisher, the bedroom door was suddenly opened from the outer side.
On the very threshold she stopped short, wheeled about, came back and sat down by the table, light and glow as effectually blotted out as if some one had clapped an extinguisher on her.
Under present circumstances, the one thing to be done was to clap the extinguisher upon Penelope's curiosity on the spot.
As he put the candle on a bracket, where the dark old panelling almost served as an extinguisher for it, he bethought himself of going up to tell the invalid that he would not be absent five minutes.
Weller, removing the extinguisher from Pott, set him free with a caution.
There's one good thing springs out of all this,' said Richard Swiviller to himself when he had reached home and was hanging over the candle with the extinguisher in his hand, 'which is, that I now go heart and soul, neck and heels, with Fred in all his scheme about little Nelly, and right glad he'll be to find me so strong upon it.
With the increasing adoption of automated fire detection and extinguishing systems, fire extinguishers find applications in putting out minor fires and sparks.
The City of Cedar Rapids is seeking bids to establish a long-term contract with a qualified contractor who has the ability, labor, materials and equipment to provide service for approximately 2200 fire extinguishers of all types in the various locations listed in Attachment D.