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a manually operated device for extinguishing small fires

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But, this once done, was quite satisfactory, and he rested persuaded, that he knew his way about the house blindfold: from the barred garrets in the high roof, to the two iron extinguishers before the main door--which seemed to request all lively visitors to have the kindness to put themselves out, before entering.
He said it is important for everyone to know the use of fire extinguishers to avert fire hazards such as leakage of gas cylinders, electricity short circuits and fires in the kitchen.
Jo Bird Launches New Fire Extinguisher and Breathing Apparatus
The fire extinguisher weighs the same as an aerosol can and its foam retardant is effective on oil fires and electrical fires.
The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved American Pacific Corp's new Amerex Halotron I extinguisher.
With strict regulations around the world mandating passenger and commercial vehicles to maintain a fire extinguisher inside the vehicle, demand for ultra-lightweight fire extinguishers is expected to rise rapidly.
The annual maintenance inspection is intended to give maximum assurance that an extinguisher will operate effectively and safely.
Summary: The Economy and Trade Ministry is cracking down on skyrocketing prices of fire extinguishers after the introduction of a new traffic law which went into effect this week, Economy Minister Alain Hakim said Friday.
Even if the needle on your extinguisher says “Full”, there are many things that can happen that will cause your fire extinguisher to not work properly.
ISLAMABAD -- The public transport, plying on different routes of the Capital, apparently has no care about the safety of passengers as there have been no safety measures including installation of fire extinguishers.
Paragraph 8-6 of AR 95-1, Wight Regulations, doesn't tell you where to install fire extinguishers, but only that fire extinguishers are required on aircraft.
The type that you'll find in your car is a dry chemical powder (DCP) fire extinguisher that weighs between one to two kilograms," Mohammad Abdul Salam, the operations manager at Al Aman Fire Fighting Equipment Manufacturing, said.
Fire crews put a safety cordon around the station then the extinguisher was taken to Longniddry Bents beach, where a controlled explosion made it safe.
NOTE: The following items have the same NIIN for both extinguisher APLs:
I contacted a government organisation after I made multiple unsuccessful attempts with local suppliers/services to have our home extinguishers recharged.