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The former being broken as well as extinguished, he rang for another.
She lay outstretched, dressed in her ordinary clothes, the extinguished taper still grasped in her hand, no mark or wound upon her--pale, placid, and senseless.
Soon a torrent of vivid sparks fell around them -- then, at last, the volcano was extinguished -- then all was dark and still -- the floating bark and heaving ocean.
A few lights in bedroom windows burnt but were extinguished one by one as the omnibus passed them.
Before he extinguished the single candle he had brought with him for the purpose, and the flickering light of which had cast the first alleviating rays into the impenetrable darkness of the buried chamber, that it had known for the countless ages since it had lain forgotten of man, Tarzan's mind reverted to that first occasion upon which he had entered the treasure vault, coming upon it by chance as he fled from the pits beneath the temple, where he had been hidden by La, the High Priestess of the Sun Worshipers.
With a shake of his head, Tarzan stepped to the flickering candle, extinguished its feeble rays and turned toward the exit.
The burning heather had been extinguished, but the level ground towards Ottershaw was blackened as far as one could see, and still giving off vertical streamers of smoke.
Muscat: Firefighting teams from the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA) extinguished a fire on a fishing boat docked in the Port of Khasab.
This fire is extinguished using "SAND" or special chemical powders.
BEIRUT: Civil Defense units in Akkar extinguished two separate fires in north Lebanon Monday, the NNA reported.
Summarizing the results of the drills, Sergey Bashkatov, chief specialist of the Fire Safety Division of the Occupational, Industrial, Fire, and Environmental Safety Department of Transneft, remarked that the programme of the drills was fulfilled, the personnel of Chernomortransneft and members of the fire fighting crew successfully extinguished the imaginary fire within the regulatory time limit.
He said: "We would like to ask people to make sure that their barbecue is fully extinguished after use.
A North Wales Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman said they extinguished the small blaze.
All of the fires were officially extinguished as of midnight," police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld said.
We hope that the fire in Haifa would be extinguished soon".