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capable of being extinguished or killed

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And then poor little me as well, that is, the unimportant person that is me--the person of all people, who taken by themselves--are 'unimportant,' fragile, easily destroyable, extinguishable by the millions--it is at this intersection, where my text originates" (Jelinek, "Es gibt keine Moglichkeit" 16).
Moreover, if courts treat Roncarelli's permit as a thing to which he had a right extinguishable only under certain conditions, they infringe the separation of powers by in effect rewriting the statute and imposing legal limits without legislative warrant.
Convenience Is Key: The newest products on display have consumer convenience in mind and include stoves that can be used as freestanding units or inserts, fireplaces that hang anywhere and extinguishable outdoor wood-burning fireplaces.
When asked to state the nature of the right being asserted and for which a declaration was being sought, counsel for the appellants described it as "an interest which is a burden on the title of the Crown; an interest which is usufructuary in nature; a tribal interest inalienable except to the Crown and extinguishable only by legislative enactment of the Parliament of Canada.
Vienna is also a place much mediated and imagined by others: It was the city of Freud, with its bourgeois cafe society and the urbane populace that Harry Lime was famously able to reduce to extinguishable little dots as he gazed down upon them from a Ferris wheel in The Third Man.