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Clearly, these normally effective systems were not the answer, so TF&IS engineers introduced fire fighting foam into the sprinkler system to see if its unique properties would not only suppress but also extinguish the fires.
Agency for International Development, Jones and a few colleagues from Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and North Dakota developed a training course that would help geologists worldwide analyze a coal fire to determine the best way to extinguish it.
FlameOut can extinguish any Class A (flammable solids), B (flammable liquids) or D (flammable metals) fire.
NIDC), said it would normally have taken six months to extinguish a blaze on the scale of the one just halted after 38 days.
Thirty civil defense teams participated in the process to extinguish fires that erupted in an oil pipeline in the Bob el-Sham area, northern Baghdad," Gen.
Contractors have already started demolishing parts of the former Mettoys factory to help fire-fighters get at the burning material so they can extinguish the fire more quickly.
He said the fire brigade in the company began cooling of the well, a prelude to extinguish and then shut down the well, indicating that conversion of about 32 oil pipelines was completed and were linked to the gathering center to be far away from the well site.
FIREFIGHTERS were called to extinguish two gorse fires yesterday.
Traditional fire-fighting systems have been conceived to automatically extinguish fires.
Hundreds of firefighters from Dubai Civil Defence put on breathing apparatus and carried tanks of water to the top of the building in a battle to extinguish the fierce flames
The analysis conducted in the DEKRA laboratory for environmental and product analysis showed that the level of contamination is comparable to that seen in the water used to extinguish fires in conventional cars.
Establishing a 20-year statute of limitations to collect income of franchise tax balances due from taxpayers, and thereafter extinguish the liability to pay such balances by abating the tax;
Firefighters are overseeing a round-the-clock operation to extinguish the fire in thousands of tonnes of shredded tyre waste, which has been burning for more than a week.
North Wales Fire and Rescue Service sent three engines from Ruthin, Cerrigydrudion and Corwen to extinguish the blaze.
Crane storage yard hurt no one and nothing was damaged, other than the cargo container holding the ammunition and a nearby cargo truck containing truck parts, but firefighters let the fire burn for about 45 minutes before moving in to extinguish it because of the danger of more explosions.