extinction angle

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the angle from its axis that a crystal must be rotated before appearing maximally dark when viewed in polarized light

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The Extinction Angle Control or ([gamma]) Control and Current Control have been implemented on the Inverter side.
In a two terminal system, the Current margin rule is used, where the Rectifier is equipped with a Current Controller (CC) and the Inverter side is equipped with a constant extinction angle (CEA) controller.
Firing angle at Rectifier station and Extinction Angle at Inverter station are varied to examine the system performance and the characteristics of the HVDC System.
The angle is related to an extinction angle measured by the POM (17) and the extinction direction coincides with the principal axis of the plastic strain (18-20).
As mentioned above, changes in the extinction angle suggested that a layer 0.
It is therefore referred to as the apparent extinction angle ([gamma]'):
Due to its reliance on the additional capacitor voltage the CCC has contrary to the conventional the ability to operate at a firing angle or at an extinction angle at very small or even negative angles with the choice of suitable series capacitors.