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Synonyms for exterritorial

outside territorial limits or jurisdiction

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In addressing the exterritorial application of the writ to Guantanamo Bay, the Court relied on the so-called Insular Cases, (289) and Reid v.
In many ways, however, foreign- and native-affairs jurisprudence lags behind on these issues: exterritorial cases do not address due process head on; courts are reluctant to acknowledge anything but very limited native sovereignty; and due process is also absent from extranational cases.
76) Military Exterritorial Jurisdiction Act simply says it is a crime for certain people to commit certain acts while outside the United States, if the act or acts they committed would have been a crime inside the United States.
They should particularly highlight the exterritorial effects and the risks of illegal behaviour.
generally cautious about the exterritorial effect of the United States
interests" that the Embassy faced in Uzbekistan would have rendered exterritorial application of the Takings Clause "particularly inappropriate," again citing Boumediene.
b) controversial character of preservation of cultural heritage, which is formed on the ground of theoretical mystifications disregarding landscape realities, traditional exterritorial thinking, generating incompetence in the conception of preserved cultural territories, and departmental disagreements manifesting in conflicting opinions of cultural heritage institutions on various issues and in typical recurrence of project dictate aggravating rational planning of preserved territories;
Ljubljana requires, however, an exterritorial channel to be created in the Adriatic to provide the Slovenian fleet with free access to the high seas - an idea rejected by Croatia.
In the US--Tuna case I measures of with exterritorial effects are prohibited which would allow member countries to determine unilaterally determine the life and health policies for other member states.
The Latvian mobilization system of the armed forces remained exterritorial until 1939, i.
France sought to maintain exterritorial control through military bases and dominion over Algerian oil resources, including a permanent French settler presence.