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a nonresident doctor or medical student

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The plaintiffs, who were externs, argued that they didn't meet the Department of Labor's six-factor test for unpaid interns because their employers received economic benefits from the tasks they performed.
provides advice to prospective judicial clerks (and unpaid externs performing essentially the same tasks) on the basics of what they will be expected to know and do while working with the court.
Externs from the previous summer are also asked to make a presentation during a junior class meeting and talk about some of their experiences.
Furthermore, nursing student externs must be students in good academic standing, be enrolled in a Board approved program to prepare the student for licensure as a professional nurse, and have successfully completed sufficient clinical nursing courses to have obtained competency in performing basic health care tasks.
A list of 285 educators was compiled from data supplied by the School-to-Work coordinators of the two consortiums identifying externs who had completed externships from 1995 to 1998.
Many companies seeking externs will want to interview candidates.
He is the main faculty member responsible for training in Clinical Chemistry for three different residency programs (George Washington, Georgetown, and Capitol Military Consortium) and frequently is a preceptor for internal medicine residents, medical students, and externs doing electives in Clinical Chemistry; he also trains Endocrinology fellows in endocrine laboratory tests.
In sum, my dear externs & interns, I may be a refugee from a 3rd world country recuperating in your 4th world now, but when I recover I'm off to the 5th
Nurse Externs must provide our facility with two satisfactory clinical recommendations from their school of nursing prior to their employment.
Haller epitomizes the mission of the American Inns of Court through advancing legal education and mentoring young lawyers, as well as interns, externs, and law students from the University of San Diego, California Western School of Law, and the Lawyers Club of San Diego.
Seventy-eight nurse externs, from baccalaureate, associate, and diploma nursing programs, participated in an eight-week extern program at a large, inner-city trauma hospital in the northeastern United States.
This year, seven Connecticut high school science teachers (listed below) were selected to participate as externs in the program, which began on June 25.
A common refrain among the externs was, "She always tells me what she's doing.
Twenty-three Sidley externs have worked full-time at inMotion, providing immediate in-court representation to women with emergency situations.
EVENT: Recipients of the First National Minority Judicial Externs And