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Synonyms for externally

Synonyms for externally

on or from the outside


with respect to the outside


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Externally, there is a generous garden to the rear, while there is a garage and spacious driveway to the front.
The results and report can be used as part of a BBA Certification Assessment or European Technical Assessment (ETA), leading to an estimate of durability on various externally applied wall systems, including external wall insulation, render systems and prefabricated wall panels.
The key value of the IJTAG embedded instrumentation standard is the use of embedded IP in chips to debug, characterize, and validate the internal operations of the devices themselves and then re-use this same IP to drive validation and structural tests externally from the host chip onto the circuit board for advanced system diagnostics.
The newest backstop designs are externally mounted, self contained on a shaft extension with a torque arm--compared to the original design, which was flange mounted onto the high speed shaft of the gear drive.
Princeton Capital said it intends to become an externally managed business development company that provides debt financing solutions at all levels of the capital structure to US lower middle-market companies.
Externally there is a grassed area to the rear and car parking to the front and rear.
If your ridge vent is externally baffled, you should not be concerned about the proper ventilation ratio.
A normally closed status contact that can be externally connected.
Scireborne Tavern, Unicorn Lane, Eastern Green - display of externally illuminated freestanding sign and two externally illuminated fascia signs
Externally the concrete superstructure is covered in what the architects describe as a glaze, which when struck by light appears to glisten in the changing daylight conditions.
As our mission prescribes an agenda that is both internally and externally focused, my efforts have had the same focus.
Communicate strategy intensively both internally and externally, to make clear to the market the value of an organization with a high degree of employee engagement.
The arches are covered externally by ectoderm and internally by endoderm.
Compliance activities are externally motivated but internally focused; the goal is to game the requirements while continuing with business as usual.
We live in a world where the commitment to the public interest must be externally validated, externally viewed and constantly observed.