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Synonyms for externalize

to represent (an abstraction, for example) in or as if in bodily form

Synonyms for externalize

make external or objective, or give reality to

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Kessler (2004) cited a study that Kendler (2003) conducted, in which the analysis observed in comorbidity of the Virginia Twin Sample specified separate internalizing and externalizing genetic factors that explained most of the comorbidity that was observed among the individual twins.
Higher prenatal phthalate metabolite concentrations were associated with higher ORs of borderline or clinical range scores on the CBCL externalizing domain behaviors (Table 4).
A second analysis restricted to youths with conduct problems found similar results: Right amygdala activity was positively associated with externalizing behavior (x = 26, y = -4, z = -12; k = 47) and negatively associated with CU traits (x = 26, y = 0, z = -12; k = 1).
A large body of epidemiological research exists examining behavioral profiles of children and youth presenting internalizing and externalizing behaviors (e.
internalizing and externalizing behaviors) while accounting for the context of the family background (fathers' ethnic/immigrant background, socioeconomic status, family-type, adolescents' gender).
The present study used LCA to derive latent classes for both internalizing and externalizing constructs with the goal of capturing within- and between-group differences.
Additional chapters provide evidence-based intervention strategies that can be used with parents, teachers, and students for externalizing, internalizing, and academic problems.
First, do internalizing and externalizing problems have independent associations with early sexual initiation?
1993 ; Jessor, 1991) and Aker's social learning theory which proposes that one learns antisocial behavior through observational learning in his/her social environment (1973) as a framework for our examination of early sexual initiation, drug use and externalizing behaviors among urban African American males in early adolescence.
64); (ii) Externalizing, OA: median=7, range=0-31, MG: median=7, range=1-30 (z=0.
According to White and Epston, externalizing the problem refers to "an approach .
In contrast, maltreated youths who exhibit externalizing behaviors (for example, rule-breaking behavior and aggression) (with or without underlying internalizing behavior) may easily be mislabeled as delinquent and then "treated" almost solely for antisocial behavior in the juvenile justice system.
Big business has a long history of maximizing profit by encouraging economic growth, fostering consumerism and externalizing costs.
Gender differences have been consistently observed with respect to internalizing and externalizing behavior problems with girls reporting more internalizing problems, especially depression, and boys reporting more externalizing problems, especially aggression and delinquency (Graber, 2004; Farrington, 2004; Beam et al.
Overall, these results suggest that men and women endorsed equivalent levels of internalizing symptoms; however, men reported significantly higher numbers of externalizing symptoms.