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Synonyms for externalization

Synonyms for externalization

attributing to outside causes

embodying in an outward form

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As was hypothesized, there was either a weak and negative correlation or no correlation between the internalizing character of the attack self and withdrawal styles in the subscales of the CoSS and externalization and detachment in the TOSCA-A.
shame-proneness, guilt-proneness, externalization, and detachment) after controlling for interrelationships among predictor variables.
The externalization approach is based on the assertion that there is a universal association between poverty of resources and small, young firms (Oviatt & McDougall, 1994).
00 represents a meaningful relationship at level of 99% between role of externalization and empowerment employees.
The subsequent sections discuss the four knowledge creation processes according to the SECI model (socialization, externalization, combination and internalization).
I have summarized three different externalization data workflow "types" in Table 1.
This knowledge therefore needs to be embedded through the externalization and combination processes in order to become a dominant design, otherwise knowledge creation will not take place (e.
Unlike detachment and externalization, private shame and guilt are introspective affects, which means that people who feel these affects are able to perceive themselves as an integrated personality, to various degrees, in observing themselves or previous actions.
With a focus on the practical rather than the theoretical, she draws from child therapy to present tools such as dramatization, metaphor, and systemic art techniques, talking about the past, externalization, video-supported intervention, and play therapy.
50 reflects the real cost--plus a profit to the farmer--of getting that food to him and his family, something the industrialized, centralized food system simply does not account for, thanks to the externalization of such costs as water pollution and underpaid laborers.
There is a pervasive sense here of being in the hold of a visionary spell; yet neither the form nor the voice seems to need externalization, so that the poems, while finely crafted, seem to fold inward upon themselves like the flower petals which the poet so often contemplates.
The Arab Economies In A Changing World" by Marcus Noland and Howard Pack is designed to explain to American businessmen and economists about the problems associated with the economic under-performance, problematic internal politics, and externalization of domestic dissent in the Muslim world.
Further suggestions can help support the design and development of effective online environments to facilitate online externalization of tacit knowledge.
A look at how insurers are using technology, externalization and new approaches to quickly develop new products, get them approved and ensure they're on target.