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Synonyms for externalization

Synonyms for externalization

attributing to outside causes

embodying in an outward form

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00 represents a meaningful relationship at level of 99% between role of externalization and empowerment employees.
With IT budgetary constraints increasing every year and the expansion of externalization, one or two large companies will be forced to make the leap.
Maternal "care" directs an individual towards moral affects, such as guilt and shame, and also reduces proneness to externalization and detachment.
On one hand, the growing interest around externalization of tacit knowledge has not been matched yet by an equivalent effort to provide empirical evidence supporting the theoretical research hypotheses.
Externalization of voices helps patients rally their motivation to fight their negative thoughts.
There are two key dimensions to teams' knowledge structures: knowledge differentiation and knowledge externalization.
Industry expert Michael Peterson keynoted the event, discussing the emergence of IP tape as a function of both externalization of the data center and server disaggregation.
Externalization focuses on the process of creating organized information repositories.
Thus," write Tholemeier, "while a portal might begin as an exercise in organizing access to internal information (which is difficult enough), the long-term goal should not lose sight of the more important process of externalization.
For Schmidtz, Jamestown and other disasters in collective property demonstrate what happens when collective responsibility and externalization come together.
Over the next 2-3 years, corporate externalization of complex data will drive federated technology into prominence," said Anthony Bradley, program director, Open Computing & Server Strategies, META Group.
Yagi sees culture -- as distinguished from civilization -- as nothing other than the externalization of self-awareness.
Chapter Eight speaks of integration and externalization as "compensation" by Israel for externalization and dispossession.
Luther's acute but vehement tract against Carlstadt, entitled Against the Heavenly Prophets, in the Matter of Images and Sacraments, pinpoints the twin foci of Carlstadt's concern to free Christendom from all externalization.
The flag is then the externalization of the fears and hopes, the myths, and the magic of those who carry it.