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the quality or state of being outside or directed toward or relating to the outside or exterior

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The remainder of the paper explores regulatory law in a variety of policy areas to convince the reader that command-and-control regulation could be replaced by externality prices, and such actions would be upheld by the courts.
At bottom, internalizing the externality of carbon emissions is utterly consistent with the free-market beliefs that many conservatives and libertarians hold.
This is referred to as the accident externality from driving.
In the history of welfare economics, the classical approach to solving negative externality problems, such as pollution, was through the use of regulation, or what Mill (1871) termed "authoritative" solutions, "in which certain types of conduct are prescribed or proscribed" (Medema 2009: 37).
Calculate the economic externalities of an investment, both positive and negative, and include measurable externality benefits in the cost-benefit analysis used in the initial decision to build; and
Most environmental externality costs were attributed to greenhouse gas emissions (38 per cent), followed by water use (25 per cent) and land use (24 per cent).
Anytime an externality impacts the market, we see additional activity being stimulated.
While a success of this kind yields immediate benefits for publishers, they cannot--unless they have taken special action--capture the externality that is the increment to the value of the author brand.
Therefore, for any ship taking a more coastal route, this would result in the underestimation of the distance spent within the (higher cost) coastal region and therefore in the underestimation of the total externality.
The basic idea is that an externality exists when a person makes a choice that affects other people that are not accounted for in the market price.
Third, efforts by potential targets to avoid being victims of hate crime may generate a negative externality.
The model exhibits IRS at the social level if the externality parameter [eta] > 0.