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attributing to outside causes

embodying in an outward form

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As pointed out by Barker (1998), communication between organizational members and customers is essential to externalisation and combination processes and can indirectly support environmental knowledge creation by communicative oriented processes or databases that provide communication links among members and by storing historical records of decisions.
PricewaterhouseCoopers' involvement in the externalisation was part of the council's Invest to Save and Improve Initiative, which aims to secure better services and make more effective use of public money.
The problem is that driving down costs is often associated with reduced quality, the externalisation of costs and a lack of attention to the individual needs of customers.
A statement by the Bank of Ghana Tuesday said Access Bank Ghana Limited engaged in the externalisation of various sums in favour of a company which had no account relationship with the bank and, in another instance, in favour of a company without any documentation.
According to Tamar Beck, Group Event Director, Infosecurity Europe, "There are many drivers that make Externalisation almost inevitable as competitive new businesses models are underpinned by collaborative working and its ability to enable organisations to seize opportunities as soon as they arise.
The models for the internalisation of externalisation costs were based on the ExternE project.
As AstraZeneca will retain a significant ongoing interest in tralokinumab, the upfront payment, along with all future commercial milestone and royalty payments, will be reported as Externalisation Revenue in the company's financial statements.
The delegations agree there should be no scope for the externalisation of missions allocated by the Treaty to institutions and providing for the exercise of some measure of latitude in implementing political choices.
Les Exigences obligatoires sont: gestes de proximit, supervision proactive des infrastructures avec les outils du Groupe SNI, supervision proactive des infrastructures avec les outils du Titulaire, sauvegarde et restauration avec les outils du Groupe SNI, sauvegarde et restauration avec les outils du Titulaire, externalisation des sauvegardes, plan de Secours Informatique, supervision proactive du service de messagerie, application des mises jour des firmwares, dploiement des mises jour Windows avec les outils du Groupe SNI, dploiement des mises jour Windows avec les outils du Titulaire, prestation d~administrations Linux, dploiement de mises jour applicatives, IaaS x86, location de matriel, mta-portail Cloud, interfaage des outils de ticketing.
Atos announced on July 27, 2001 that it had taken over activities at KPN's computer processing centre in a contract worth Euro 163 million, and indicated at the time that it was negotiating the externalisation of additional services.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 11, 2013-Annaly Capital's independent directors approve management externalisation proposal and urges shareholders to approve(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.