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Synonyms for externalisation

attributing to outside causes

embodying in an outward form

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Anecdotally, when externalisation of services occurs, workers' terms and conditions are eroded, which impacts on morale and delivery of service and there's an adverse impact on job numbers.
This is largely thanks to the opportunities that are emerging from areas that are traditionally averse to the externalisation of IT, such as utilities and insurance, which are being forced to reduce operating costs through IT investment in order to remain competitive in a recovering economy.
Driven mainly by the manufacturing sector, a fast rise of this growth can also be attributed to the externalisation of business overseas.
He explained that the commissioning proposal was not an exercise in externalisation, but represented an approach to tailoring services to fit the service users, rather than users having to adapt to patterns of service.
Roy Gladden, secretary of Liverpool city council joint trade union committee, said: "In recent years we have witnessed an explosion of externalisation, privatisation and private sector encroachment of areas which have traditionally been part of local government.
Coun Tyrrell commented: 'I might be accused of favouring an in-house service, others might favour externalisation, but the job of best value is to see who can provide the best services.