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a data storage device that is not the main memory of a computer

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Currently Sony allows just one external storage device to be paired with the console at a time.
As such, the T3 delivers the outstanding performance, storage capacity and durability needed from an external storage device for today's mobile lifestyle, without compromising on style or security.
The walls and floor space of our office were filled with files upon files, and we were losing money through the cost of the external storage facility fee, plus the man hours and transportation costs, physically going to and retrieving folders from outside of the office.
Also, new for the Backup Plus family of external storage this year is the addition of a mobile backup application on nearly every device with the installation of the free Seagate Mobile Backup application on an iOS or Android mobile device.
today announced that external storage revenue in MEA expanded slightly year on
The research firm announced on Tuesday that the region's external storage market plummeted to a total of $272 million for Q4 2012, despite terabyte capacity rising by a modest eight percent over the same period.
The external storage system is fitted with an internal anti-shock frame and a unique soft silicone cover which withstands bumps and drops so that the drive is still fully functional after it has been accidentally dropped.
Leon Kao, a market analyst with IDC Taiwan, said that major demand for external storage in the second quarter came from the manufacturing, financial and telecom industries, with that from semiconductor, financial and medical fields showing relatively higher growths during the period.
The sold business develops and sells the Engenio external storage systems brand.
LSI Corporation (NYSE:LSI) reported on Wednesday that it has signed a definitive agreement to sell its external storage systems business to NetApp Inc (NASDAQ:NTAP).
The DataPort SATA External Storage Enclosures are available immediately with an average selling price of $198.
In order to meet enterprise performance requirements, companies like Texas Memory Systems offer external storage cache.
0 Embedded, the first technology to ensure complete data security when removing external storage devices from Smart TVs.
The external storage giant bought XtremIO, a flash storage startup, last year to capitalize on the flash memory-based systems and software market (EMC Extends Flash Storage Expertise With XtremIO Acquisition).
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