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a data storage device that is not the main memory of a computer

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What is interesting is that the adoption of both 16 Gbps and 40 Gbps ports in data center switches is far greater than we see on External storage systems," explained Chris DePuy, Vice President at Dell'Oro Group.
Also, new for the Backup Plus family of external storage this year is the addition of a mobile backup application on nearly every device with the installation of the free Seagate Mobile Backup application on an iOS or Android mobile device.
EMC is the market leader in the external storage segment, with a 32.
today announced that external storage revenue in MEA expanded slightly year on
The research firm announced on Tuesday that the region's external storage market plummeted to a total of $272 million for Q4 2012, despite terabyte capacity rising by a modest eight percent over the same period.
Leon Kao, a market analyst with IDC Taiwan, said that major demand for external storage in the second quarter came from the manufacturing, financial and telecom industries, with that from semiconductor, financial and medical fields showing relatively higher growths during the period.
It has the new 4T storage that combines My Book(R) Studio Edition(TM) II external storage systems, with dual-drive RAID 0 configuration and high-speed interfaces deliver high performance for creative professionals, workgroups, small offices and anyone looking for fast data transfer.
The DataPort SATA External Storage Enclosures are available immediately with an average selling price of $198.
At its core, an external storage cache is a non-volatile array of fast RAM that interfaces with other storage devices through multiple high-performance interconnects, such as Fibre Channel links.
Paragon's solution to this problem is the "Standby mode" option that allows users, in a matter of seconds and without any effort, to disconnect the external storage device, at the same time guaranteeing complete data safety.
The largest six external storage systems vendors, who are not participating fully in the cloud trend, experienced 7% Y/Y revenue declines, while all others, which include startups, white box vendors and new entrants grew 33% Y/Y.
Seagate Technology, the Middle East Retail Storage Vendor of the Year 2011, will showcase its range of external storage solutions for home and small businesses at GITEX Shopper, 8-15 October, Airport Expo Dubai.
The SXP 12x3G is targeted at server storage applications and integrates table, direct and subtractive routing along with a SSP virtual port and IPMB interface to external storage enclosure processors.
According to the company, TagmaStore is characterised by an embedded virtualisation layer that can manage up to 32 petabytes of internal and external storage, logical partitions in both internal and external storage, as well as 68 GB/s of cached bandwidth.
The desire for the flexibility and availability characteristics inherent in modular external storage are starting to drive an increasing number of these customers to investigate low-cost external storage.
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