external orifice

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the orifice through which urine is discharged

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The track of the ball was full of clotted blood and contained several little fragments of bone with a small piece of the bail near its external orifice.
The exam revealed mild to moderate blood in the vault at the internal end of the vaginal canal, and a closed external orifice of the cervix.
Similar findings were noted for transversing the external orifice of the cervix uteri (3.
Metritis is inflammation of uterus with white watery discharge from external orifice of vagina and systemic sign of illness commonly after parturition (McLaughlin et al.
length of scutum; W,width of scutum; AW, distance between centers of bases of AL scutalae; PW, distance between centres of bases of PL scutalae; AA, distance between centres of external orifices of scutal anterior sensillae; SB, distance between centers of external orifices of posterior sensillae; ISD, inter sensillary distance between levels of centres of anterior and posterior sensillary setae of scutum; AP, distance between centres of bases of AL and PL scutalae; AL, anterolateral scutala; PL, posterolateral scutala;