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an organ that is situated on or near the surface of the body

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The runner-up prize has been awarded to Swansea-based artist Fern Thomas for her photograph Bird as External Organ.
His collaborator, Fern Thomas, questions man's relationship with nature for survival in her entry Bird As External Organ, shortlisted for the photography prize.
Now, we can engineer additional and external organs to better function in the technological and media terrain we now inhabit.
Therefore, my opinion is as stated, that even if we leave her as is, she is female, as the external organs are what determine [gender] in halakhah.
Since the Talmud Sages did not check chromosomes, we can therefore conclude either that only external organs determine gender or that if the Sages did know how to check chromosomes, they may have used this additional criterion for determining gender.
Can removing external organs of the genetic female and external organs of the genetic male be considered a form of prohibited castration?
Thus, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, in which the male organ appears to be a "mistake" of nature, will be a different case from mixed gonadal digenesis, where both types of internal and external organs may be present.
Table 3 reveals that the internal organs of the fish had a higher rate of infection than the external organs.
I believe that music should first and foremost be entertaining, but it's also one of the most direct forms of emotional connection - ears are the first external organs that develop in the womb.
But he said it was wrong to base sexuality on external organs alone.