external organ

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an organ that is situated on or near the surface of the body

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The fetish as posited by the new language of fetishism was simultaneously all-powerful (an external organ of the body) and trivial (since the emergent regime of the "individual" would deny that the body could have any such external organs).
The authors describe the penis as "an organ uniquely suitable for gene transfer," mainly because it is an accessible external organ and it has internal structural features that enhance distribution and prolonged presence of the replacement gene and minimize the potential for spread of the gene to other organs or tissues.
The runner-up prize has been awarded to Swansea-based artist Fern Thomas for her photograph Bird as External Organ.
His collaborator, Fern Thomas, questions man's relationship with nature for survival in her entry Bird As External Organ, shortlisted for the photography prize.
Now, we can engineer additional and external organs to better function in the technological and media terrain we now inhabit.