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paralysis of the motor nerves of the eye

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The PEO1 (C10ORF2) mutations are associated with autosomal dominant progressive external ophthalmoplegia (PEO) (PEOA3), parkinsonism, as well as infantile-onset spinocerebellar ataxia.
To the mother's dismay, medical doctors believe the girls suffer from an extremely rare disorder called Chronic Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia (CPEO), which is characterized by the slowly progressive paralysis of the extraocular muscles.
MNGIE is clinically characterized by progressive external ophthalmoplegia, severe gastrointestinal dysmotility, cachexia, peripheral neuropathy, diffuse leukoencephalopathy on brain magnetic resonance imaging, and evidence of mitochondrial dysfunction (histologic, biochemical, or genetic abnormalities of the mitochondria) (1, 3, 6).
Duane's retraction syndrome, fibrosis of the EOMs, and Chronic Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia have neurogenic and myogenic elements.
Fine mapping of randomly distributed multiple deletions of mitochondrial DNA in a case of chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia.
The A3243G mutation can have several different clinical manifestations, such as MEZAS [14], diabetes and hearing loss with or without macular-pattern retinal dystrophy [5,15,16], and chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia.
MtDNA deletions and rearrangements are found in Kearns-Sayre syndrome and chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia patients.