external iliac vein

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a continuation of the femoral vein

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Sometimes, only the external iliac vein drains into left IVC and the internal iliac vein crosses the midline to drain into the right common iliac vein [9].
The predominant method of pancreatic venous drainage utilizes systemic venous drainage (SVD) with forming an anastomosis of the donor portal vein in an end-to-side fashion to the recipient right external iliac vein.
The renal vein was anastomosed first with the external iliac vascular clamps were removed from the external iliac vein and a single vascular clamp was applied on the grafted renal vein.
There were two complications in the robotic group: a tear in the right external iliac vein that required open management and a transfusion, and a pelvic abscess, which was treated with postoperative antibiotics.
Ultrasonography examination showed acute deep venous thrombosis extending from the popliteal to the distal external iliac vein.
Excessive medial acetabular reaming or cement extrusion through a medial acetabular defect, (4,5,7) has been reported to result in direct injury to the external iliac vein.
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