external iliac artery

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the outer branch of the common iliac artery on either side of the body

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Group 2 (ticlopidine group, n=9): The study group in which ticlopidine (Ticlocard, Kocak, Turkey) was applied at a dose of 200 mg/kg/day after the right external iliac artery balloon catheter injury.
Natick, MA) was performed in September 1999, after the right external iliac artery had been dilated and the internal iliac artery had been therapeutically occluded in June 1999.
The external iliac artery is more commonly injured than the vein (6)--the most common mechanism being direct injury from a retractor placed too far medially over the anterior acetabular rim.
The E*Luminexx[TM] Vascular Stent is intended to treat patients with common or external iliac artery occlusive disease.
13) Living related donor transplants are often anastomosed in an end-to-side fashion, which ligates the donor main renal artery to the recipient external iliac artery or an end-to-end fashion to the recipient internal iliac artery (Figure 9).
The Absolute Pro Vascular Stent System is indicated for the treatment of patients with de novo or atherosclerotic lesions in the native common iliac artery and native external iliac artery.
Less-common complications include mesh erosion, obturator nerve irritation, vaginal wound infection, and external iliac artery punctures from the trocar.
Angiography showed a small sized pseudo-aneurysm of the right external iliac artery and a fistula tract between the pseudoaneurysm and Wallace type ureteral anostomosis (Fig.