external gill

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occurs in some mollusks and in tadpoles and other immature amphibians

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Almost more impressive than the diversity of the biota is the preservation of many of the vertebrate specimens, including complete or nearly-complete skeletons associated with preserved soft tissues such as feathers, fur, skin or even, in some of the salamanders, external gills.
unlike most amphibians, axolotls never move onto land; instead, they remain underwater for their entire lives, breathing through branch-like external gills.
Females attach their fertilized eggs to underwater plant growth, and the tiny aquatic larval salamanders, bearing frilly external gills on either side of the head, emerge after a few weeks.
The last stage juveniles retain external gills for about one and a half years.
The fine ash preserved many of the doomed creatures' soft tissues, including eye lenses, external gills, and tadpole-like tails.