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The morphology of the external genitalia of pleids has been treated in a general sense by several authors.
Without testosterone, the external genitalia fail to virilise, resulting in normal female genitalia.
Consensus on genitourinary trauma: External genitalia.
Because there is improved visualization of the external genitalia at the third trimester, the prenatal diagnosis of hypospadias is not usually made until then.
The degree and nature of excision or damage of the external genitalia to be given the local name as a "form" of infibulation.
Novel compound heterozygous mutations in the SRD5A2 gene from 46,XY infants with ambiguous external genitalia.
A training session about the external genitalia exam.
It consists of the total or partial removal of girls' and women's external genitalia or causing injury to women's genital organs.
There are different types of FGM but it always involves removal of all or part of the external genitalia, and is commonly performed in childhood, often in unhygienic conditions with no anaesthetic.
Called the "Stockholm Consensus", it allowed gender transitioned individuals to participate in the Olympic Games but only if the athlete met three strict conditions: completion of surgery including modification of external genitalia, legal recognition by national authorities, and a minimum of two years of hormone therapy.
He said Pinki has male pseudohermaphroditism that, as per genetic Karyotyping, refers to individuals whose gonads are testes ( which are usually present) but whose secondary sexual characteristics or external genitalia may be underdeveloped or may resemble closely like a female.
Other female reproductive structures, including external genitalia, are housed in a genital pouch medial to the colleterial glands.
Moreover, reliable determination of fetal gender using ultrasonography cannot be performed in the first trimester, because the development of external genitalia is not complete.
These children can be born with external genitalia that do not look typically female or male.
As for the exam's technical details, it's become routine to document the physical findings with photos from a colpo-scope focused on the external genitalia.