external carotid artery

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the branch of the carotid artery that supplies blood to the face and tongue and external parts of the head

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The left external carotid artery and common carotid artery were diffusely small in caliber (Figure 5).
The reference diameter of the external carotid artery should be between 3 - 6 mm and the reference diameter of the common carotid artery should be between 5 - 13 mm.
Importantly, the external carotid artery showed unimpeded flow in 100% of cases demonstrating that the MicroNet allows excellent blood flow into bifurcated arteries.
Both of these patients underwent external carotid artery ligation, with 1 successfully controlling the patient's epistaxis.
A 4F diagnostic catheter was advanced into the left external carotid artery for angiographic control runs.
Flow reversal is achieved by selectively occluding common carotid and external carotid artery blood flow.
It consists of two tiny balloons that are threaded into the neck arteries on a slender catheter and positioned forward of the blockage, one in the main carotid artery and one in the external carotid artery.
1) The rich blood supply to this muscle and to the auricle is largely derived from perforating branches of the posterior auricular artery, which is a branch of the external carotid artery.
It is comprised of two small balloons that are inflated in the external carotid artery and the common carotid artery to suspend blood flow during the stenting procedure.