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a nonresident doctor or medical student

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The Summer Geriatric Extern Program At the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) College of Nursing (CON), we offer a summer externship program for promising undergraduates who have completed their junior year of the baccalaureate nursing program.
During law school, McCauley gained exposure to trial and appellate litigation while serving as a judicial extern in United States District Court and at Division II of the Washington State Court of Appeals.
Jennifer Jurney, an extern from the University of Miami School of Law, also provided assistance.
SABIC also compares Extern UH1019 with polyamide-imide, which it says requires cross-linking that impacts yields, while the Exterm grade uses high-yield injection moulding and extrusion processes and can be recycled.
Extern UH 1019 resin is said to be the first unfilled thermoplastic to achieve a UL 746B continuous-use temperature rating of 260 C (500 F).
Concluzia cercetatorilor a fost acea ca succesele si/sau esecurile unor politici publice sau activitati ale managementului public pot fi explicate uitandu-ne la cadrul general oferit de mediu extern organizational.
There is, of course, the other problem: Can one extern a Nepalese national for no obvious cause?
Summary: A memorandum of understanding (MOU) on environment and renewable energies has been signed between the EPIC (public establishment with industrial and commercial character) of the new town of Boughzoul and German companies RLP Agro Science and Extern Group.
Trigger Clock Logic; A/D counter 24-bitsl TScan counter 24-bits--digital circuits for extern synchronization of the analogical channels.
The emphasis will be on long term care and home health agencies with an expectation that these students are eligible for Nurse Extern positions in acute care settings in the following summer while they complete their education.
Called COSTEP (short for Commissioned Corps Officer Student Training and Extern Program), it can serve as a stepping stone to full-time work with the Commissioned Corps.
The Registered Nurse may not delegate tasks to the nursing student extern that are solely within the scope of practice of the licensed Registered Nurse.
Extern operates in both the north and south of Ireland and works with children, families, adults and communities.
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Scott has served as a law clerk for the firm and as a judicial extern to the U.