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Synonyms for exterminate

Synonyms for exterminate

Synonyms for exterminate

kill en masse


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destroy completely, as if down to the roots

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Hitler saw himself and Germany as victims of the Jews, who supposedly undermined German identity, purity, and racial-historical mission; this wholly imaginary worldview was the basis of Hitler's exterminatory rage (Gellately 2001, 7576).
26) More specifically, as James Holstun has recently suggested, Shakespeare may be smuggling surreptitious echoes of Kett's rebellion into his play, activating subversive memories of that reforming, class-based rebellion of 1549 that haunted the later sixteenth century, and whose ending in "a gentleman's riot" of exterminatory savagery ensured a legacy of gentry paranoia and biding underclass bitterness.
Unlike Loewenstein, I write in the wake of the terrorist attacks, which confirm in their way the full hideousness of Milton's fantasy of exterminatory hatred upon "all who sat beneath" (line 1652).
Theirs was the exterminatory pursuit of the remnants of a particularly pernicious species that needed to be destroyed in its entirety.
The survey, conducted by All Life In a Viable Environment (ALIVE) through questionnaires, showed that nearly 20% of local autonomous bodies used exterminatory methods to get rid of monkeys without taking any preventive measures such as setting up fences.
The story of the flight of Tom Lantos and his wife from the cruel exterminatory policies of the Nazis is one of the dramas of the 20th century.