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someone who exterminates (especially someone whose occupation is the extermination of troublesome rodents and insects)

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The best way to tackle the same is to eliminate the root cause and this is where My Private Exterminator comes into picture.
2 -- ran in SAC edition only) Exterminator Gerardo Castro zips up as he gets ready to encounter the bees, which are rarely lethal to humans.
A team of exterminators moved in to spray the block of 21 flats in Bellshill, Lanarkshire, after residents' homes were over-run by bugs.
NEWHALL - Sweltering temperatures, a steady building boom and the recent spate of brush fires in the Santa Clarita Valley are keeping exterminators and pest control companies busy.
ran in SAC edition only) Exterminator Gary Fisher holds a hive removed in Saugus.
In Manhattan alone there are an estimated 10 million rats, but New York city has just 36 exterminators.
SAUGUS - A watermelon-size hive of extremely aggressive bees was removed Thursday morning from outside a Saugus home, and exterminators believe they could be the feared Africanized ``killer bees.
Health officials and pest exterminators say such interlopers may be prevalent this summer as rats, mice and other critters scurry out of the foothills seeking suburbs of relief.
And they love the backyard barbecue lifestyle, says Michael Bohdan, a Texas exterminator and author of the guide to pet control ``What's Buggin' You?
A Louisiana exterminator recorded a video using his GoPro as he battled to remove a gigantic hornet's nest from inside someone's backyard shed.
99 EXTERMINATOR 2 15 WHILE Death Wish remains the most famous vigilante thriller, its mantle was threatened in the early 80s by the nasty, gory Exterminator movies.
The exterminator uses a commercial applicator to apply effective and safe mosquito spray to bushes, grass and other problem areas where mosquitoes may breed.
So," I said to the exterminator, "it's pretty much like a giant factory and suddenly everyone gets laid off at the same time with a giant redundancy payment and they all turn into crazed, boozed-up lager louts intent on causing as much hassle and damage as possible?
1m - boosted by its textiles and hygiene business and December's purchase of US pest control firm Western Exterminator.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 10, 2012-Rentokil closes buy of Western Exterminator, Eden Advanced Pest Technologies(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.