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destroyed completely

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Nor is it enough for you to have exterminated the family of the prince, because the lords that remain make themselves the heads of fresh movements against you, and as you are unable either to satisfy or exterminate them, that state is lost whenever time brings the opportunity.
And when fighting afterwards amongst themselves, each one was able to attach to himself his own parts of the country, according to the authority he had assumed there; and the family of the former lord being exterminated, none other than the Romans were acknowledged.
In which thirteen African Lions and twenty-two Barbarian Prisoners will war with each other until all are exterminated.
There are deplorable accounts from Africa, and the Australian aborigines appear to have been already exterminated.
But I'm afraid the salmon will be exterminated first, and then there will be no need for it when it does come.
The mere boy relapsed into a period of gloom, during which he exterminated a number of cock-tails with a determined air, as if replying defiantly to fate.
The whole middle class had not yet been exterminated.
But birds breeding on precipices, and good fliers, are unlikely to be exterminated; and the common rock-pigeon, which has the same habits with the domestic breeds, has not been exterminated even on several of the smaller British islets, or on the shores of the Mediterranean.
The escape of the Indians to the south of the Rio Negro, where in such a vast unknown country they would be safe, is prevented by a treaty with the Tehuelches to this effect; -- that Rosas pays them so much to slaughter every Indian who passes to the south of the river, but if they fail in so doing, they themselves are to be exterminated.
Not only have whole tribes been exterminated, but the remaining Indians have become more barbarous: instead of living in large villages, and being employed in the arts of fishing, as well as of the chase, they now wander about the open plains, without home or fixed occupation.
Gobbi, who features in award-winning film Gomorrah and is also a director, said the provocative initiative was instrumental in reminding public opinion about the Holocaust, in which six million Jews were exterminated.
CDATA[ Interview Series for Holocaust Day: Historian David Bankier: "They knew the majority of Polish Jewry was being exterminated.
But whatever argument they put forward, rats and mice are health hazards and need to be exterminated, or indeed eradicated.
The final 16 shortlisted included Patrick Demarchelier's photograph of Diana in Vogue magazine after her death in 1997, but the Daleks exterminated all entries by taking more than a quarter of all votes.
Kirklees disregarded the expert's opinion and exterminated this beautiful and healthy dog.